Welcome to There Are Worse Things I Could See, better known as TAWTICS. Started as Dominic Rizzo’s senior Capstone project, TAWTICS offers another perspective on the vast landscape that is the cinematic world. Ranging from weekly reviews to general commentaries, TAWTICS’ creation is founded on the basis of discussion and idea exchange of films. What makes a film good or bad? Why do certain films illicit a particular emotional response? Can (or even, should) a film’s quality be gauged upon the moral implications behind its message, theme, or even behind its production? Why? All valid questions here at TAWTICS, and we hope that alongside our many reviews and commentaries, you, our loyal following, will be willing to comment and share your own opinions on those subjects as well. We welcome it. And above all! When you’re out there exploring the land of the movies, just remember this: there are always worse things you could see.

PS: For all you Grease buffs out there, I hope you enjoy the site title. For anyone who isn’t, consider our reviewer’s name.

About the Reviewer:


Dominic Rizzo is currently a senior at Champlain College, pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing. With a passion for screenwriting and a love of movies, he hopes to one day write feature length films or even write for television. But for the time being he’s fine just watching movies and discussing their value with anyone willing to join in. Like most movie consumers, he does have his tastes, but Dominic is willing to watch and review anything to grace (or sometimes disgrace) the silver screen. As a result he hopes to achieve two things: one, a larger movie ticket collection, and two, a wider selection of films to help broaden his understanding and appreciation for the medium. Outside of being a complete nut for films, Dominic can be found doing improv comedy with his college troupe, Los Dormant Volcanos, and playing a copious amount of video games with friends (something he also has opinions–and crude language–about).

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