A Warm Welcome

Hey there! Let’s talk movies sometime.

cropped-trash-palace-cinema2.jpgHello! And welcome to There Are Worse Things I Could See, also known as TAWTICS.

Do you like movies? Do you like judging their quality or sharing your opinions on their form and content?

You do!? Oh thank god. And here I thought I would have no one to talk to. We’re gonna get along great.

As another film review and commentary blog, TAWTICS is here not only to give an additional perspective on this vast landscape that we call the film world, but also to encourage discussion about it. I love talking about movies. Agree or disagree, civil or downright bloody, any conversation that there is to have about films, I want to start it and be a part of it. Now we all may have our own predetermined beliefs, assumptions, impressions, and opinions and maybe those won’t change, but I would challenge to say that people should try to look at films from as many different angles as possible to really have an appreciation for them.

And that’s what I hope to do here at TAWTICS: encourage people to speak up about their opinions and facilitate discussion on these new and interesting perspectives we may be introduced to. And if that something you hope to do as well, again I say, welcome to There Are Worse Things I Could See.

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